Our Clients

We work with spirited women who are dead serious about reclaiming their bodies now

Our clients are women, perhaps just like you, who want to return to being fit, healthy and energetic. Life happens, and when it does, working out and eating right often takes the back seat to career, family and other commitments.

Does this sound familiar? You want to feel strong and sexy, be empowered and reclaim your body.

Imagine YOU:

  • fit, agile and active, doing the things you love
  • wearing that little black dress, or your favorite jeans that are in the back of the closet with confidence
  • with extra energy to excel and enjoy at work and at play, doing what is important to you
  • at peace with food and at a healthy weight
  • looking great in anything you wear – no more searching through your closet endlessly for something that doesn’t make you look or feel fat
  • feeling supported and guided as you learn new ways to get stronger, eat better and stop those limiting beliefs
  • with all the tools you need to be living your best life now, and be ready to move into the next phase with confidence, vibrancy, and strength.

Sound good? Of course it does! Many of our clients have been previously fit and enjoyed working out. Some have participated in a sport or physical activity on a regular basis. Here is what a couple of our clients have said:

“Krista listened carefully to my goals and tailored a plan specific to my needs. I enjoyed constant feedback and positive motivation which kept me progressing. I feel stronger and my roller derby teammates have noticed the difference in my game.”   Sara, age 34

“Krista has a firm but warm style that broke through my stubbornness and complacency resulting in a complete body transformation. I can’t imagine doing this without her!”  Gwen,age 50

Ready to take action? If you are excited to start your own transformation, ready to reclaim your body, and open to supportive training, we are here waiting. Download our free report, The 7 habits of the Fit and Fabulous. It’s a great way to get started.  When you are ready, give us a call (202-503-4454) or drop us an e-mail (kriddley@imaginemefitness.com) to schedule your no cost consultation. We can’t wait.