Wellness Coaching Programs

Each of our programs involve creating a personal wellness vision aligned with your priorities for wellness, and developing a step by step plan to incorporate changes into your daily life. You will be empowered to reach small weekly goals which will add up to big changes over time.  Wellness coaching is not about quick fixes, but practical, realistic and workable changes that you can incorporate into your life for good.  You will be encouraged, provided with support and held accountable – Sometimes you’ll need a little kick in the pants, while other times you’ll need a shoulder to cry on.  But be sure that I will always listen carefully to whatever has got you stuck, and work with you to move past it, go around it or crush it!   If you are committed to the process, you will go beyond what you think is possible and radically improve your life.

These programs are designed to gently and supportively help you transition– permanently– to more healthful habits, and a more fulfilling life.

6 week Kick Start your Change Package

This program will get you started towards your permanent change. You will begin incorporating your new behaviors into your life and you will feel more confident about future progress.

The program consists of:

  • One 75-90 minute phone coaching session to develop your wellness vision, three month goals and action items.
  • Five 45 minute phone coaching sessions to discuss your vision, goals, and action items, clarify your challenges and create  2 to 3 new action steps.

12 Week Be your Best Self Coaching Package

This is the ideal package if you really want to make lasting change in an area of your life that needs improvement or where you have been stuck.  It takes 6 weeks to change behavior, but it really takes 12 weeks to feel the results of this behavior change, and make it permanent.  You will have time to experience some setbacks, learn new ways to overcome them, and settle in to your new habits.

The program consists of:

  • An initial 75-90 minute phone coaching session to develop your wellness vision, three month goals and action items.
  • 11 Weekly 45 minute phone coaching sessions support you in living your vision, through goal setting, taking action and reviewing your actions in order to learn lessons and build on your strengths.

Through a partnership with your coach you are fully supported to follow your dreams, and live your vision.  We overcome obstacles together and brainstorm new possibilities. You are held accountable to your goals.  You should expect to reach at least 75% of your 3 month goals at the end of the program.