“Krista was enormously helpful. I couldn’t have met my goals without her! She is a true motivator who doesn’t give up! Even when you’re ready to, she finds a way to get you back on track. She helped me meet my goals, feel good about my successes — even when they were small! — and empowered me to confront and overcome my challenges. She looked at me in a very holistic way. She really gave meaning to the word “wellness.”

Rachel, age 42


“Krista listened carefully to my goals and tailored a plan specific to my needs. I enjoyed constant feedback and positive motivation which kept me progressing. I feel stronger and my roller derby teammates have noticed the difference in my game.”

Sara, age 34


“Krista has a firm but warm style that broke through my stubbornness and complacency resulting in a complete body transformation. I can’t imagine doing this without her!”

Gwen, age 50


“I came to Krista defeated. I had never been able to stay consistent with any kind of work out program and my health was taking the toll. The first session with Krista was intense but invigorating. Over time Krista has adjusted my workouts as I became stronger and more fit, and they have been challenging but enjoyable. Even if I start a session tired or with a headache by the end I am laughing and feeling, although sweaty, refreshed. Today, I am feeling more confident than ever. I am feeling stronger and I am losing weight! My relationship to exercise has completely shifted.”

Carla, age 27


“After the birth of my second child, I was searching for a personal trainer that could get me back into shape given my constraints. Being a working mom who travels frequently, I really needed someone who could make it not only easy for me to workout but also provide an efficient workout. The fact that Krista had been exposed to a professional life also provides an additional quality in terms of her ability to relate to our needs and constraints and devising ways to overcome them and keep fit.  She came up with a 3-month program for meeting short-term weight loss goals, which immediately got me hooked and showed results.

By the end of the first month, my waistline declined, I shed off five pounds, and was noticeably more fit.  I also felt much healthier in terms of having a heightened level of energy to deal with the strains at work and home.  I would highly recommend Krista as a personal trainer.  She is a delight to train with in terms of personality and dedication, and she is always asking you for feedback to improve the regiment. I think the most convincing reason for hiring her is just seeing how much she has helped me within a few months in terms of having the definition and energy that I didn’t have before.

I wanted to lose some of the baby weight that I knew I’d have trouble losing without adequate exercise. Krista provided me with an efficient workout in a limited time, which has shown immediate results.”

Valerie, age 34


“When I met Krista I could tell that she “walks her talk”…that she is in great shape physically and I wanted to get arms like hers! I really appreciated the nutritional guidance she provided with the personal training program. Krista did a thorough analysis of my eating habits and provided written recommendations to help me stay on track and improve my results. Her questions about nutrition were always supportive and never made me feel guilty if I had an occasional splurge. She exceeded my expectations in the nutrition assistance she provided!”

Adrian, age 57


“Krista was wonderful to work with. She immediately established a good rapport, solicited and listened carefully to my goals/objectives and personal challenges, and tailored our workouts to meet them. Always positive and upbeat, always looking at different ways to help me meet the challenges I was facing, and always supportive…  Every time we met I learned something new and I found that following her advice and suggestions did result in desired changes. I’ve found Krista to bring “heart” to the hard realities of physical training making it both enjoyable and rewarding.”

Sandra, age 56


“Krista works well with people like me who need consistent motivation. The routine is changed as you progress so it is not too easy. I like waking up and getting the day started with the workout.”

Angela, age 47


“Krista does great work. She’s professional and smart and knows what she’s doing as a personal trainer. And she’s tough without being abrasive. I enjoyed my sessions with her and bet you will too!”

Marcia, age 48


“After working out on my own with no results I knew it was time for professional help. I was introduced to Krista through one of the local boot camps. The first thing she wanted to know was what my goal was. She took the time to design a program just for me. The workouts were rigorous and challenging…I would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer.”

Viola, age 60


“Krista took over our exercise group after our trainer had to leave and she was wonderful. She came prepared to make us work and get a good workout every class. While we would often whine about the exercises she pushed us to complete them and make the most of the workout. There were days when I didn’t feel like working out but Krista always made it worth my while so by the end of class I felt great about the workout. I would recommend Krista without hesitation.”

Pamela, age 40