Finding Your Bliss: Help for the Exercise Hater

I meet too many people who say they really hate exercise, but feel they “should” or “have to” or “need to” do it. They start on a routine and inevitably drop it and go back to doing other things they don’t hate, like sleeping in, taking their lunch break, or going out to dinner with […]

Seize the Moment! Fitness in a Time Crunched World

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about perfectionism, and the havoc it can wreak if I’m not careful.  My new motto is, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  This is especially important given the busy lives we are leading today.  That brings me to the subject of the “perfect” workout. I’m […]

Take ACTION on your fitness goals: Here’s how

We are nearly three months into the New Year. How are those resolutions going?  If you are starting to peter out on your fitness resolutions, or you petered out in late January (!), I have a little encouragement (a.k.a., kick in the pants) to help you get back in the saddle.   It’s called ACTION!  Here […]

Put one foot in front of the other! Five steps to get you moving today

I met a lot of people a few weeks ago as I stood at my booth at a local health fair.   Some said they felt great, healthy and well, and happy to be alive. Fabulous to hear that!  But a lot of them slipped by my booth giving it the side eye!  A good majority […]

Put down the pink dumbbells and step away from the bench!

I go to the gym quite a bit, and I see so many women using lightweight dumbbells that they could probably lift in their sleep.  I get lots of complements on my arms, and let me tell you, I didn’t get them from using dumbbells that a small child could lift.  Many women have misconceptions […]

Is Your Fat Loss and Fitness Plan Working for YOU?

As I surf around the internet, I see a lot of diet and fitness products.   What is important to remember is that we are all individuals.  What works for your neighbor, might not work for you.  Some factors affecting this include: genetics  — did your Mom have big hips, or an hour glass figure? […]

Ten Tips for Painless Weight Loss – Part III

This list of tips focuses on the dietary end of weight loss — but don’t forget you need movement to stay healthy, vital, change the shape of your body, and increase your chances of sustainable weight loss. Most fitness professionals will tell you that diet is 70% to 80% of the battle when you are trying to lose […]

Ten Tips for Painless Weight Loss – Part II

Today I have three more tips for painless weight loss. These tips don’t require a major change to your lifestyle but can add up to significant changes in your body. In order to lose 1 pound, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 3,500 calories, or exercise enough to burn those calories, or do […]

Ten Tips for Painless Weight Loss — Part 1 of 3

Changing your relationship with food can be tough. After all, you do need to eat something every day just to stay alive. Since you cannot cut out eating all together, you need to make choices about what and how you eat. Our next 3 blog entries will be all about just that. Making it easy to make better, more […]

If you want to transform your body (and who doesn’t?), start with your mind

Remember that saying – if you don’t know where you are going you might end up somewhere else? If you want to transform your body, the same rule applies. You need to think about it, write it down and start taking some action. 1)      Make a choice: Decide that this transformation is what you want, this is […]