6 Week Programs

6 Week Jump Start Your Dream package

Includes: 12 personal training sessions

Where will you be in 6 weeks?  You may just need a little push to get there.  This program is intended to give you a jump start towards your fitness goalsIf you choose this program, in six weeks you will feel more fit, have more energy and vitality, and begin to feel more confident about how you look. You will understand how to eat to fuel your body and stay healthy and lean. You will be on your way to reclaiming your beautiful body.

6 week Big event package  

Includes:  18 personal training sessions

Sometimes we do our best work when we have a deadline. And that upcoming special event (reunion, wedding, beach vacation or your honeymoon) can give you just the motivation you need to take action. This is an intense program that requires your full commitment to train hard and eat well. You should expect to lose weight, tone up, increase your energy, and feel great in your (smaller!) clothes.