Take ACTION on your fitness goals: Here’s how

We are nearly three months into the New Year. How are those resolutions going?  If you are starting to peter out on your fitness resolutions, or you petered out in late January (!), I have a little encouragement (a.k.a., kick in the pants) to help you get back in the saddle.   It’s called ACTION!  Here you go.

A – Apply yourself to the task at hand. Admit that you are done resolving and are ready to Act.  Take that first step. Don’t talk about it anymore, lament to friends that you “should” do it, make jokes about how long it’s been since you went to the gym, come up with more reasons why you can’t.  Just DO.

C — Adopt a “can-do” spirit.  Don’t let anything keep you from taking action. If there is an obstacle, go around it.  Keep your thoughts positive and focused on your goal. Remind yourself there is nothing you can’t do.  Affirm your greatness!

T – Make the Time.  No more repeating “I don’t have time” or “there isn’t enough time” – it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. You make time for the things that are important to you. Cut out an hour of TV, web surfing or tweeting.  Schedule it in your calendar. Treat it like a doctor’s appointment, or a mandatory work meeting. If an emergency comes up, reschedule the time immediately. For busy Moms, this may mean getting your husband to watch the kids, getting up before everyone else, taking advantage of nap times, workouts during play dates, doing squats while the kids are on the playground, or doing stroller walks with other Moms. Be creative!

I – Get Inspired.  As much as possible, make your workouts fun. Put great music that gets you pumped on your IPod. Choose an activity that you like—if you like to dance, go to Zumba class, if you like to be in nature, go for a hike.  Find inspirational quotes to post around the house. Challenge yourself and keep tabs on your progress – progressing from 5 pushups to 10 is worth a personal (non-food!) reward.  Sign up for a contest or a race—deadlines and prizes are a great way to light a fire under your butt!  And the sense of accomplishment at the end really is priceless.

O – Own your choices – don’t blame others.  This is about YOU. Of course being more fit and healthy will make you a better Mom, significant other, friend etc.  But remember you have ownership over your body and your choices.  Take responsibility for that, and do what you need to do. No one can make you skip your workout or eat unhealthy food  — even if your husband is eating pizza in the bed right next to you (I have personal experience with this one!). You have a choice!

N – Do it NOW —No more waiting. Now is the time. Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow.  This is the only moment you have —  right now.  Choose wisely in this moment, and the next moments will take care of themselves.

Let me know what you think.  I’d love your feedback!