Is Your Fat Loss and Fitness Plan Working for YOU?

As I surf around the internet, I see a lot of diet and fitness products.   What is important to remember is that we are all individuals.  What works for your neighbor, might not work for you.  Some factors affecting this include:

  • genetics  — did your Mom have big hips, or an hour glass figure?
  • metabolisms  — do you know someone eats all the time but stays slim and trim?
  • sensitivities  — does bread make you bloated?
  • preferences –  are you unable to stomach egg whites?

Not only that, at different body weights, ages, times of the year (or month) our bodies might be handling things differently.

Every year that I prep for my figure competitions is different. What I did the year before might totally not work this year. One year my body wasn’t responding in terms of fat loss, so instead of further lowering my calories and carbs, we added nuts. It worked!  What I’m saying is don’t be discouraged if a plan you’ve found on the internet or in a magazine doesn’t work for you.  It may be that based on your level of activity, your unique body structure, and how your body processes foods and responds to exercise, you are not the best candidate for that plan.   Or maybe, you can’t even stay on the plan because it is too restrictive so you cheat all the time, negating it’s effects, or it requires cooking a lot of different dishes that need expensive and hard to find ingredients.  Be aware that you may have to experiment a bit before you find what works well for you and what you can sustain over time.  And you can always hire a professional to guide you.

Secondly, be kind to yourself, and understand that if you are genetically predisposed to hold fat in your hips (or belly, or arms) it may be very challenging to get rid of even if you are near or at your healthy weight.  You have two options, go all out to target your body fat and increase lean muscle, or be content with your beautiful healthy body the way it is, ample hips and all.  If you need some assistance to figure out how to target that stubborn body fat wherever it might be, hit me up, but be ready for some hard work and commitment.  Take me for example, although I have a fairly petite frame, and am at a healthy weight, I carry my weight in my hips and thighs. “Baby got back” so to speak!  When I get my body fat lower to compete in Figure, the booty is the last to go…. and it takes work.  As they say, no pain no gain – or in fact no loss!

As you do your web surfing or magazine browsing for a plan to accelerate your fat loss and tighten and trim, be wary of plans that do any of the following:

1)      Require you to go under 1100 calories per day

2)      Require three or more hours of exercise daily with no rest day

3)      Require you to take pills or get shots

4)      Restrict you to eating only a few things repeatedly (the cabbage soup diet)

5)      Require you to perform an exercise that you know isn’t recommended for you given an injury or imbalance

Make sure to check out the sources of things that sound fishy. Do your research and remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.