12 Week Programs

12 Week Fitness with a Friend Package

Includes: 24 personal training sessions each

For accountability and affordability, get fit with a friend!  This is for the woman who doesn’t like to fly solo because it’s much more doable (and fun!) with a friend.  Experience a challenging workout for two, tailored to your individual fitness levels, complete with an accountability partner who will support you in reaching your goals. You can expect to gain strength (how about 15 push ups?), confidence (I feel good about me!), lose weight, and see changes in your body shape.  You’ll look and feel better in your (smaller!) clothes, and have more energy and vitality.

12 Week Body Beautiful Package 

Includes: 24 personal training sessions + BONUS nutritional guidance

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, still have a lot to learn about what fitness programs will work best for you, and want to ensure sustainable results, this program is for you.  This program gives you the time to learn what works, implement it with my support and be ready to fly on your own with a substantial fitness base to build on.  Since I know from experience that your nutritional profile is at least half the battle, as a FREE bonus, I will provide nutritional guidance throughout the 12 weeks so that you will see visible and tangible results and know how to make those results sustainable over time.  You should expect to experience noticeable weight loss, improved muscle tone and shape, feel more confident, fit better in your (smaller!) clothes, and be able to do things you never thought you would.  Wait until you hear the positive comments of friends and family, and your own inner dialogues changes – priceless.

12 Week “Imagine Me” Mind–Body Wellness package

Includes: Comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire,  1 Visioning/Goal Setting coaching session, 4 coaching for behavior change sessions and, 24 personal training sessions, ongoing nutritional counseling

If you need support for your transformation that goes beyond just fitness training and nutritional support, to really changing your life from the inside out, this program is for you.  Not only will you experience the noticeable physical benefits, including weight loss, a more toned and lean body, strength and energy, you will also do the internal work to ensure that these changes are sustainable and permanent. We will address the vision you have of your best self, the deep motivation behind it, your strengths to overcome obstacles, and create a step by step plan to ensure continual progress towards your ongoing transformation.